Akademija znanja, Budva Crna Gora

About us

Academy od knowledge  is a company established by the Municipality of Budva in order to foster education of young people in our region.

Academy  of knowledge has a large number of classrooms  and auditoriums. 

For  better and easier business we provided modernly equipped offices for our clients.

Academy of knowledge started with work in  2010.  and since then has managed to establish cooperation with four colleges,  State University-Faculty of Law,  Faculty of Business and Tourism, University of traffic management and school for foreign languages. 

The mission of the Academy of  knowledge is that through the organization of quality academic programs and requirements for a better student life create an environment for advanced study and mid-career training in Budva. Academy of knowledge is ready to be a partner to all higher education institutions that can provide effective education and a better future for our students and our city. In this context, we have created a basis for transparent cooperation with both state and private colleges from Montenegro and foreign countries.

We believe in success, based on the synergy of public and private sectors. We believe in the general prosperity of society based on education. We want only the best for our students.