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Knowledge Academy is ready to be a partner to all higher education institutions that can provide effective education and a better future for our students and our city.

University of Montenegro - Faculty of Law Podgorica, Department of Budva

Faculty of Law in Podgorica was established on 27 October 1972. as a teaching and scientific and educational institution that organizes and develops educational and scientific-research work observed the field of legal and related social sciences. Law School is one of the founders of the University of Montenegro. In Budva, the Law School began operational in 2010. in the premises of the Academy of Knowledge.

For more information, call student services at the University   +38220481131.


Faculty of Business and tourism - Budva

Faculty of Business and Tourism Budva is accredited by the Council for Higher Education at the Ministry of Education and Science of Montenegro, 15 November 2010. The initiators of the Faculty, in the belief that the development of modern tourism and hospitality industry a great opportunity for young talented personnel to develop a successful and happy career, and for their benefit and welfare of the community, and tourism entrepreneur, decided to develop a high quality program of study of modern education and research in the field of tourism and hospitality management at undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This is the first course Hospitality Management (Hospitality, travel recreation and entertainment, tourist attractions, tourist shops ...). Faculty of Business and Tourism is located in building of Academy of Knowledge in Budva.

 For more information, call student services at the University  +38267241977